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Welcome to Condo Concepts       

Condo Concepts offers a fresh approach to Condo Association Management.  By managing a limited number of small to medium size Associations, you can be assured that your Community will receive high quality and affordable service.

Marcus Paula is a Licensed Community Association Manager and founder of Condo Concepts.  Marcus has a common sense approach to management and will roll up his sleeves to get the job done.  With more than fifteen years experience, his skills and knowledge will greatly benefit your Condo Board in achieving its management responsibility.

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Condo Concepts says YES to all these questions!

Condo Concepts will . . .

    Facilitate transparency and communication within
      the Association.

    Assume the day-to-day duties of managing the
    affairs of the Community, thus giving the Board of      Directors more time to fulfill their role as the policy       making body of the Association.

●   Carry over the operations after each election of a       new Board.

    Many more Services . . .

A change to better service and extra value begins by contacting Marcus