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Condominium Act:
Florida Statute 718

Condo Owner Rights

Condo Living
In Florida

Community Living

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Official Condo Records

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Board Code of Ethics

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Management Services

Frequent site inspection of common area.

Supervise on-site maintenance employees and third party contractors and vendors.

Emphasis on preventive maintenance and cleanliness of the common area.

Compile a preferred vendor list.

Maintain a maintenance “To Do” list.

Assist in maintaining architectural standards.

Receive and act upon Health Department reports that affect the pool and other facilities.

Receive and act upon Fire Department reports that affect the fire system and other facilities.

Coordinate all annual inspections.

Review and negotiate service contracts.

Review and negotiate bids for major repairs.

Arrange security services as required by the Board.

Maintain record of contracts, warranties and other items important to the verification of service performed on the common property.

Develop a storm preparedness and recovery plan.

Around the clock emergency telephone service to make proper dispatch.