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Our mission is to enhance the Condominium Association.
To be successful, we will:
      ○   Protect Property Values
      ○   Preserve Accurate Records
      ○   Promote Effective Communications
      ○   Provide Experience To Advise The Board Of Directors


All members of the association have an interest in the future of the association. Each member serves their time as a director.  The directors are committed to understanding their fiduciary duties and realize that there are procedures, bylaws, statutes and rules of order that must be followed.

Board members make a commitment of personal time and energy. Decisions are based on agendas that are beneficial to the majority of the members. Sometimes decisions are made that are not popular with the members but are necessary for the association. 

When wearing the hat of a director; personal goals, desires and egos are put aside. Sincere, well- intentioned board members approve motions by using the best available information to make thoughtful decisions.

New board members realize that someday they will pass their responsibility to another member of the association. Past board members are viewed as resources and friends.