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Florida Statute 718

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  1. Is our Association required to hire a licensed Community Association Manager?
    Answer (Click) »
  2. May the Association pay a Director for his or her services as a Board Member?
    Answer »
  3. Can the Board contract with Condo Concepts without the unit owners voting?
    Answer »
  4. What is the charge for your services?
    Answer »
  5. Is there a fee to supervise special assessment projects?
    Answer »
  6. What is your authority as Manager?
    Answer »
  7. Can you conduct Board meetings?
    Answer »
  8. Does our Secretary have to take minutes at the Board meetings?
    Answer »
  9. How often do you reconcile the finances?
    Answer »
  10. How often are you on property?
    Answer »
  11. What is the cost to develop a web page for the association?
    Answer »
  12. How do you collect delinquent payments?
    Answer »
  13. How do you enforce rule violations?
    Answer »
  14. Do you establish the operating and reserve budgets?
    Answer »
  15. Do you keep a list of vendors?
    Answer »
  16. Who do I call with an emergency?
    Answer »
  17. Do you rent the units?
    Answer »



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